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The heart of Desteyned is passion – passion for design and living beautifully. A strong focus on design-thinking and concept is synonymous with what the brand stands for.


Desteyned consists of various divisions, with the baseline encompassing furniture and accessories. A belief that design should fit you and the way you live on a personal level has led to a wide range of material selections and colours which adapt the pieces to your space and aesthetic. Functionality is a key element that is always considered in the design process. An extension of the furniture line is Desteyned One, which consists of a collection of one-off designs that are inspired by unique raw materials. Sporadically discovered, these special materials make inspiration instantaneous, leading to designs that are inevitably unique. Desteyned One also offers items that have complex or intricate manufacturing techniques. The product line is ever-changing and always expanding with the addition of more products.


Desteyned Living focuses on interior design that aims to create spaces that honours the idea of home. The focus on creating a space that is unique to the resident’s identity and way of life is the main goal of each individual project. This drives the design to create a space that ultimately becomes the resident’s private utopia.


Desteyned Curation refers to finding beautiful objects from all over that might have been forgotten or have become undesired. These items are not designed in-house and may have been modified to give new life and an enhanced aesthetic. These items are sourced and curated to add that extra touch of individuality to your space.