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Boikhantso Barona Trust

Boikhantso Barona Trust was founded by individuals who would like to make a change in the community, our main objective is to enrich African people from different backgrounds to better themselves.

And to equip them with the necessary skills that they need to change their lives, we have seen that men and women knit the family structure in many ways and if they are presented with the adequate opportunities to improve their lives, they will in turn give this back to their families and their community.

We are aware that not many African families are able to provide higher education for their children, and thus leads to many youths in our community becoming jobless and as a result resort to criminal acts to sustain themselves. But we want to change that around, we want to break the cycle and give them hope by providing them with training to equip them with the necessary skills to get them ready for the workplace environment in a prideful manner.

Boikhantso Barona Trust proudly assists Leisure Excursions with all recruitment and training of staff members.